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Brand construction

In the fierce competition in the furniture accessories industry, the products of the enterprises have to face the problem of homogeneity, the same price, the products of the enterprises have to face the problem of homogeneity, the same price, then the brand awareness will become a powerful weapon in market competition and the enterprises can obtain the victory in the market competition for this purpose, the company in recent years, continuously strengthen the building of the brand, through the integration of company resources, unified VI and CI system design, at the same time, continue to strengthen enterprise culture construction, shape Xiongyi culture, in the growth of the enterprise, the Xiongyi company executives attaches great importance to construction of enterprise culture, they think good enterprise culture can make employees to enhance cohesion, strengthen the team cooperation spirit.

Company organization evening party in his spare time, basketball, table tennis, tourism and other kinds of collective activities, let each Xiongyi Family to actively participate in and excellent enterprise culture, make every Xiongyi family are willing to sacrifice their own strength. Good work atmosphere, mutual assistance, the spirit of cooperation that makes Xiongyi company has a lasting vitality. Excellent enterprise culture makes Xiongyi brand depth to expand and tend to be more humane, eventually , the connotation of the brand marketing force, help enterprises to achieve the biggest targeted market or profits.


"Xiongyi" brand was registered in July 2001, as early as 2000 on the use of all the products in our company with 16 years in a row, and in 2009 by the industrial and commercial bureau identified as famous trademarks of guangdong province, Laid a solid foundation for Xiongyi brand development.

Along with the development of the company, constantly improve the "Xiongyi" brand product awareness, brand infringement phenomenon also will increase, in order to strengthen the brand construction.

first of all, we have been through legal channels for the maintenance of their own brand; Second, we have registered the "Xiongyi" brand of other categories, "Xiongyi and graphics", "兄奕", "XIONGYI", "and other related 15 trademarks to protect and develop its own brand, once again, our company make full use of the" China import and export commodities fair", "furniture fair trade fair", "alibaba net", "global sources web" and other international Internet and newspaper "asia-pacific furniture", "shenzhen furniture News" magazine \media to promoting Xiongyi brand.

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