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Attain international standard

The normal edge banding of the furniture decorations can divide into the raw wood edge banding and the PVC edge banding, the raw wood edge banding is easy to produce, but the cost is too expensive, the raw materials is from the tree’s wood surface, in recently, in order to protect the forest resource, limited to cut the trees, so the raw wood edge banding raw materials is limited.

The PVC edge banding replace the raw wood edge banding, but the PVC materials have its defects, so that the PVC edge banding’s stabilizer, environmental protection, weather fastness and chromaticity are not so good, Xiongyi brand PVC edge banding is better than the normal edge banding, and use German Rehau edge banding technology and production technique for reference, provide all kinds of environmental, efficiency and high quality edge banding.

The PVC edge banding is not only popular furniture surface materials in foreign countries, but also in China. Because non-pollution, simple technique, high speed production process and colorful structure can satisfy different customers requirements.

In the future edge banding marketing, the domestic brand through the test and promotion In recent years, the technology and quality is similar as the imported brands, but the price is much cheaper than the imported brands, so the domestic edge banding have big developing market.


With the quality requirements constantly improve for the domestic and foreign customers, many furniture edge banding enterprises must raise themselves market competition, to develop according this four tendencies: the first is the enterprise need develop according specialization, collectivize and scale production.

The second is the enterprise products need develop according the high technology content, high quality and multifunctional. The third is the enterprise need develop according environmental protection, low energy, flame and high-performance. The fourth is the market need develop according the globalization. So that can get a tiny space in the future cutthroat market.

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